Shoulder pain, elbow pain, carpal tunnel syndrome

Shoulder pain

Pain in shoulders, elbows, hands

Shoulder pain, elbow pain and hand pain are largely caused by tension in a large group of muscles acting on these joints.

These are the muscles whose fibres extend from the pelvis to the fingers.

Shoulder joint pain is the result of its function as a lever to transfer muscular forces from the torso to the shoulders, elbows and hands. Due to asymmetrical muscle tensions in the trunk, there is a non-physiological overload in the shoulders, elbows, hands and fingers.

The problems of the joints of the limbs should not be treated separately but by correcting all parts of the body.

Doctor of Chiropractic eliminates abnormal loads that lead to the development of degenerative changes.

Successful and lasting treatment of shoulder, elbow, hand and finger joint problems requires correction and coordination of the stress pattern throughout the musculoskeletal system.