Back pain

Back pain – how does it arise?

The spine, its shape and shock-absorbing discs provide mobility and protection for the spinal cord and nerve roots.

Through the accumulation of non-physiological, asymmetrical loads, the potential of the body’s protective mechanisms is increasingly exhausted.

Vertebral blocks cause swelling and pressure on the nerve roots. This manifests as numbness, tingling, weakness and pain.

Vertebral blocks lead to degenerative changes.

Surgery provides relief at best but the actual cause remains and shifts to other segments.

Treatment of spinal – back pain

Professional chiropractor -doctor of chiropractic – Pawel Czarnocki very effectively removes your back pain through his comprehensive and individual treatment.

Doctor of Chiropractic USA removes blockages and harmonises the entire musculoskeletal system so that the intervertebral discs can regenerate.